This page lists all recent changes made to this site.

February, 2014
15: Site moved to its own space.

October, 2006
07: Site moved to home on iSoaker.com server since old hosting to be cancelled.

October, 2003
04: Somewhere along the way, a lot of info about this site's updates has gone missing. Odd...

August, 2000
23: I would like to acknowledge Pfizer for both their vaccination efforts in India against HBV as well as for their generous contribution towards the maintenance costs of this site.
01: All pages edited for grammar, spelling, etc.

July, 2000
21: All pages have been resized to 650 pixels. Work is ongoing to add new sections to the site and make it more interactive. More to come....

July, 2000
16: Links page updated. Still working on things offline.

May, 2000.
24: Links page updated. Still working on some things offline.

April, 2000
6: Major site rearrangement as well as information upgrades. Currently in the process of enhancing the overall site design and interactivity. More changes to come...

March, 2000
8: All pages edited. Page content being worked on offline. Minor adjustments made sitewide including minimizing top menu, adding table backgrounds, etc.

February, 2000
29: History rewritten. Other reworked pages to be posted soon.

January, 2000
29: Multiple page info being updated including HBV Genome, History, Links, etc. Page formats further edited. Base font now Arial.
10: Splash page and top menu edited. Site colours made more consistent. Links page updated. Navigation improved. Bottom placed pulldown jump menu added to all pages. Other page information undergoing changes/updates. Feel free to make comments/criticisms/suggestions.

December, 1999
12: Links page updated.

October, 1999
28: Pages undergoing aesthetic reformat before information updating will be done.
27: XpertSite.com affiliation box added. Still working on new page concepts.
5: Top menu redone using Flash. Now almost all pages can be accessed from any other page.
3: Splash page redone using Flash. More updates to come shortly...

August, 1999
4: General page format altered. Menu compressed into top menu. New information posted for many sections (Too many changes to list).

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